Truth & Justice in Ko Hawii Pae Aina on Akaku

These are the notes I have from the program Truth & Justice in Ko Hawaii Pae Aina on Akaku Television Channel 53. This program is aired every other Monday at 7pm to 8pm. It is a live program where issues concerning Kanaka Maoli are discussed and people can call in with comments and/or questions.

Last night the discussion centered around the Con-Con and Kau Inoa. Comments made in newspapers concerning the Con-Con were discussed.

One of the things I remember is that there was a Con-Con in 1978. I never knew that. At this Con-Con, amendments were made to the constitution. The question is…what constitution was amended?

While delivering a detailed discussion of the Con-Con and Kau Inoa callers were calling in expressing their opposition to Kau Inoa and why.

One kupuna called and in ‘olelo expressed his utter discontent with Kau Inoa.

A younger man called in and for the life of me I can’t remember what he said but I do remember it was brilliant and there was a lot of clapping from the audience in the studio.

Another Kupuna called in and expressed his disagreement with Kau Inoa in a very diplomatic way.

I made a comment, it’s the only one I remember word for word, that Kau Inoa will take the land away from my children. I do not uphold the lawful Constitution because I can see how it would benefit myself, I uphold the lawful Constitution because I can see that one of its main purposes is to insure (not assure) that the keiki of Kanaka Maoli Oiwi have land that is owned by them in perpetuity.

It’s all about the Keiki for me!

This was my first time in the studio so I didn’t know what to expect but the next time I’ll have my pen and paper and will be taking notes furiously!

Or better yet, I’m going to start uploading the programs on YouTube probably sometime this week.

I’ll give the link then. If you want to learn where you stand lawfully, how you can deal with foreigner’s in our world today, I’d take a look at these programs especially if you don’t live on Maui and cannot attend classes.