He Kumukanawai – King Kamehameha III – Ko Hawaii Pae Aina

Here is a book you can download for free at Google Books. If you click on the image of the book page it’ll take you to the download page. It is in Olelo and is dated 1852.

He kumukanawai a me na Kanawai o ka moi Kamehameha III, ke alii o ko Hawaii pae aina, i kauia e na alii ahaolelo, a me ka poeikohoia, iloko o ka ahaolelo o ka makahiki 1852 By Hawaii, Hawaii, Paiia mamuli o ke kauoha o ka poeikohoia


Ko Hawaii Pae Aina Admiralty Flag

Ka hae o Ko Hawaii Pae Aina

Click the title above to read about this flag, how it was discovered and a picture of it on a document with King Kamehameha III seal.

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